ARCHIPLUS provides ARCHICAD customers with a number of exclusive benefits and discounts.

ARCHICAD is more than just a box of software – it is an investment in BIM technology and new ways of working. To help you get the most out of your investment, and to stay on top of changes in our industry, GRAPHISOFT has developed the ARCHIPLUS Software Service Agreement (SSA).

ARCHIPLUS Members receive FREE:

  • ARCHICAD software upgrades released during the membership period
  • Premium, priority technical support via phone and email
  • Lost, stolen or damaged license key coverage
  • Conversion of old ARCHICAD files.

ARCHIPLUS Members also receive:

  • Volume discounts for multiple ARCHICAD license purchases:
    • 9% off 3+ licenses
    • 13% off 5+ licenses
    • 18% off 10+ licenses
  • Discounts on training courses and consulting fees:
    • Save $25/hour on custom web-based training
    • Save $25/hour on BIM consultancy services
    • Save 20% on Online and group Training Courses run by GRAPHISOFT North America
  • 20% off LEARN VIRTUAL online training courses
  • 30% off resources including BIM6x Power Template KitArchiCHECKUP, and ArchiBOOST.

Have questions?

We are here to help.

Contact the North American GRAPHISOFT office on (617) 485 4242 for more information on ARCHIPLUS inclusions, or complete the inquiry form (right).