Terrain Tool 19

A new add-on to create flat surfaces on a topo mesh and eventually calculate the fill in / excavations! The user guide is included in the zip file.

Download for both MAC or WIN

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Favorites & Classifications

Popular North American manufacturer's Favorites, Libraries and more Classifications for ARCHICAD 20 & 21.

Favorites, Libraries & Classifications


Ceiling Grid-USA

Slab Accessory that applies 3D & 2D grid lines to the surface of a slab that can be snapped to and centered in a ceiling area. A host ceiling slab should be modeled first and selected before applying the Slab Accessory, typically located at Design/Design Extras/Accessories/Slab Accessories… Requires “Accessories” from Goodies and the Accessory Library.

Download Goodies

Download Ceiling Grid USA 17

Travel Distance USA 20

IBC 2015 SECTION 1017 EXIT ACCESS TRAVEL DISTANCE CHAPTER 10 MEANS OF EGRESS Calculates the total lenght of a polyline to show Travel Distance to meet Code Requirements. Please check with your local codes. This tool does not provide any code solution or consultation.
Version 20.02 with Dot for start & Metric option.
Download Travel Distance USA 20


Zone Tag USA 20

A Zone Stamp that has been developed to enhance the appearance of Room/Zone Names but mostly to assist in the definition of Means of Egress according to IBC2006/2012. With the right information it will produce a seamless Occupant Load Interactive SchedulE.
Multiple instances & display content via Model View Options.
Download Occupancy Schedule
Download Zone Tag USA 20


Roof Slope Label

Label for Roofs. Shows Automatically the slope on plan or section. Adds the "slope triangle" on Sections/Elevations.
Download Roof Slope Label 19.


Mesh Label USA 20

Shows the area of a mesh on plan. Useful for landscape plans.
Download the Mesh Label USA 20.


BIM6x Templates

The BIM6x Template Kits are the most powerful commercially available template kits. The BIM6x Starter Kit is an entry level, but still very powerful solution, that is inexpensive to download and easy to use! The BIM6x Launch Kit offers much more functionality and power at a very affordable price. But the true power of a pre-linked ARCHICAD template system is realized with the BIM6x Power Kit. A whopping 931 views are linked onto 410 layouts, comprising Marketing, SD, DD & CD Sets.

BIM6x Template Kits


Healthcare Library

March 16, 2016

A library of 900+ objects, based on Army's MILSTD1691 but useful for anyone working with healthcare projects. Translated from Sketchup, optimized for ARCHICAD. Works great with Onuma's SEPS2BIM.
Download the latest version (450Mb).



MODELPORT is a 3D model and object importer for ARCHICAD. MODELPORT expands ARCHICAD’s content so you can get access to more objects. This ARCHICAD add-on is a 3D model and object importer that is built on the Autodesk FBX SDK, the same code used by Autodesk to create a bridge between it's popular 3D software. MODELPORT constructs ArchiCAD Library parts from Alias Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk FBX, Collada DAE and Autodesk 3D Studio 3DS files. Using the DAE format SketchUp objects can also be optimized to produce smaller file sizes and better 2D graphics.



Additional Surface Catalog

ARCHICAD users on ARCHIPLUS can access the Additional Surface Catalog. Extend the built-in Surface Catalog of ARCHICAD 19 with more than 500 additional ready-to-use surfaces. Get a nice rendering every time. Will be added it to your projects as a Library via the Library Manager.
How to Download the Catalog...

Kohler tub

Toilet One-piece
Bathtub with Shower

These objects use manufacturer specific information, much of which is typical for the US market.
Download Toilet-USA 17
Download Bathtub-USA 17


MEP Label USA 20

Label for MEP Elements. Shows Automatically the dimensions of a pipe or duct and optionaly the system it belongs.
MEP Label USA 20.


Exit Sign USA 20

EXIT SIGN in 3d & 2d electrical symbol on plan.
Download the Exit Sign USA 20.

Road Signs

Road Signs

USA Interstate / Highway Standards Signs; made by bimobject
Road Signs...



Great objects including Delta Faucets, Nana Walls Openings, Miele, Brizo, Fisher & Paykel, Gaggenau, Cabria Stone, Bosch and others. Paint Catalogs as well.
Modlar Downloads



The vast library of ARCHICAD objects and textures.
bimobject ARCHICAD...

The BIMobject® App for ARCHICAD

A custom palette to have easy access to bimobject hosted products.
The BIMobject® App for ARCHICAD toolbar